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guiding principles

GYP Consulting is committed to the following values

 Quality of service  

You are here because life happened, and a change is necessary. We are here to respond to life’s challenges timely, appropriately, and in a focused-friendly manner.

Valuing  Diversity

People shape the world we live in. We consider the person above all. We hold cultural diversity, differences and/or similarities in an atmosphere of trust, respect and total acceptance.


Each person is responsible for their personal growth... And yes, sometimes it is hard to find the right path. We will work with you to redefine your path and to embrace your confidence to begin a new journey.


There is no “I” in our team. Our team is formulated on the cooperative efforts of all members of the team. We are here to celebrate your successes, help you to create new visions, and lend support in every facet of your life.

about us 

At GYP Consulting we recognize that “Life Happens,” causing people and organizations to undergo myriad adjustments in business and life. Our goal is to work closely with the person/organization to assess their needs and to develop a clear actionable plan.


Our Corporate Coaches will guide and assist organizations to solve problems and/or create new initiatives to close performance gaps and achieve desired outcomes. Our Life and Career Coaches will work with clients regarding their life goals and career objectives.


Our overall mission at GYP consulting is to ensure the platform skills needed to drive continued success supports the individual and organizations. It is our overall goal to develop the individual holistically by providing resources and tools to effectively develop them into the person that represents them and their business best.

Our Founder

Geraldine Penn is the Founder & CEO of GYP Consulting.  She has 25+ years in the field of government and private coaching. She graduated with a BA in Psychology and family studies. She holds a distinguished Magna Cum Laude honor from the City University of NY at York College. She is certified as a Life Coach and is a member of the International Organization of Professional Life Coaches - IAPO.  She is an accomplished leader in her field of professional development, coaching, and public speaking.

Geraldine started her career as a civil servant working for two prominent New York City government agencies, where she served as the former Director of Professional Development. After retiring in 2020, Geraldine discovered that there was a tremendous need to provide coaching services to people and businesses alike in order to improve personal and professional lives. It is through this vision that GYP Consulting was founded.

Geraldine’s dream is to continue her work by combining her professional experiences along with a multitude of life’s challenges to ignite transformative change in other people.


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GYP Consulting offers virtual and live, in-person speaking engagements. Our public speakers, aim to persuade the audience to think about a pressing issue...



Our Corporate Coaches develop, design, and implement training programs intended to motivate, and challenge the workforce within your organization. Our learning platforms are designed to improve...




Our Life Coaches know “life happens” at every juncture of your life. We are committed to guiding you through the steps of your personal and professional challenges...




Our Career Coaches empower professionals by helping them make informed decisions about their career trajectory.  As your career coach, we will focus on results...


Transitioning Amidst Change
Nov 30, 2020, 7:00 PM EST
Webinar Presentation
In this webinar presentation, you will receive guidance, tips, and strategies to enhance your marketable skills to improve your ability to make the transition in today’s job market.